Donald Trump stops funding WHO for its failure to alert during a pandemic!!

The US president said the epidemic could have been contained if the WHO had evaluated the reality on the ground and pointed out the lack of accountability in China.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump has said he was cut off US payments to the World Health Organization to accuse the organization of failing to do anything to stop the spread of the virus during the corona virus pandemic when it first appeared in China.

Last week Trump telegraphed his intentions, as its source it has suggested that the epidemic could have been stopped and that lives could have been saved only if the U.N. had health department which has done a great job of reviewing early Chinese studies.

“The WHO failed in its basic duty and must be held accountable,” Trump said during a briefing. Before making any resumed aid decision he said the U.S. would review the measures which have taken by the WHO to stop the virus.

The Geneva-based organization had no immediate comment on Trump’s announcement. WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris replied in a briefing earlier Tuesday yet when asked about potential cutbacks in US funding during a daily U.N. “Regardless of any issues, our work will go on.”

Trump has said the US will continue to work with the WHO and implement “meaningful reforms.”

According to information on the agency’s website, the United States has contributed almost $900 million to the WHO budget for 2018-19. One-fifth of their total budget of $4.4 billion it represents over those years.

When part of Washington’s dedication to the UN institution, the U.S. provided almost three-fourths of the funds in “specified voluntary contributions,” and the remainder in “assessed” support.

A more comprehensive budget document from the US mission in Geneva published by the WHO revealed that in 2019, the U.S. received $452 million, including almost $119 million in support under evaluation.

In its most recent Trump administration called February budget proposal to cut the U.S as it measured funding allocation to the WHO to $57.9million.

He said his decision had been contested by the WHO blaming the agency for a 20-fold increase in corona virus cases worldwide.

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