E-Commerce Platforms Will Be Back from April 20

India must continue lockdown for another 19 days until May 3, just after the government decided on Tuesday to consider extending the 21-day lockdown. The e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart will be operational now as per the latest guidelines.

You may indeed able to order everything you need on shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart, to name just a few.

The new rules state that almost all goods traffic must be allowed throughout the country, with the exception of the policed containment zones, hotspots or red zones where virus spread or risk is severe.

It involves railway operations for the transportation of goods and parcels, airport services and land ports for the transportation of freight and the transport of trucks and commercial vehicles for the pick-up and distribution of the goods.

The Ministry of Home Affairs’ latest guidelines state that “vehicles used by e-commerce providers will be permitted to transport with required permits” and that will be allowed to operate courier services.

Critical goods stay in control and the government illustrates that ‘all facilities in the supply chain of basic goods, whether included in the manufacturing, wholesale or retail of these products through local grocery stores, large brick and mortar stores or e-commerce firms must be permitted to operate, maintaining strict social distancing without any limitation on their pace of opening and closing.’

Under the latest relaxed rules in place, shopping websites and eCommerce platforms are expected to be able to produce and complete consumer orders now.

Throughout the early stages of the first lockdown process, there were rumors that eCommerce firms and their distribution staff were often prevented from moving about, hampering services and supplying customers with vital goods.

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