England’s Alex Hales had shown symptoms of Coronavirus before leaving PSL: Ramiz Raja

In this year’s Pakistan Super League (PSL), England opener Alex Hales played seven matches for

Karachi Kings before leaving the country in the coronavirus concern.

Former Test Captain and commentator Ramiz Raja from Pakistan on Tuesday said that England’s Alex

Hales may have shown signs of the dreaded COVID-19 before flying back midway through the now

postponed Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Raja made the statement after the PSL was postponed on the day of its semifinal matches and a day

before the final, while talking to the media in Lahore.

Hales who played in the league for Karachi Kings, after the virus outbreak in Pakistan, he left early for

home with other English players.

“What I know is that he is yet to have tests but we don’t know whether the symptoms he has is of

Corona or not. But we all now need to be very cautious and obviously adopt a common sense approach

to deal with this problem,” Raja said.

Pakistan Cricket Board CEO Wasim Khan also said a foreign player who took part in the league would

be accused of having coronavirus. Khan has not disclosed the player’s identity, or whether or not he is

actually in Pakistan.

Both PSL players and broadcasters are now being screened for the virus as a precautionary measure,

Khan told media.

Raja also felt that PCB had made the right decision to postpone the game, which was to have its half

finals in Lahore on Tuesday.

“I think everything was going fine and matches were being held in empty stadiums but now situation

has changed and I think if they had held the matches now it could have been a disaster,” he said.

“It is an unfortunate scenario because we came today with preparations for the matches.

“We all have to adjust now because life is no longer normal now as situation is tough because we have

to fight now against this virus. We can’t take anything for granted. The world is adjusting now,” he


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