Fake message alert: Police say Mumbai and Pune won’t be under military lockdown for 10 days

The Maharashtra police have busted a fake message that was doing rounds on social media channels. They have alerted the citizens that Mumbai and Pune will not be under Military lockdown for 10 days starts from Saturday as stated in the message.

Mumbai and Pune are the most COVID-19 affected cities of India. A message about the Military lockdown in these cities was circulated on WhatsApp and other social media channels for the last few days. The message stated that the city is going to hand over Army and only milk and medicine will be available. It requested the citizens to stock everything including groceries and vegetables.

The message read, “Entire Mumbai and pune will be under Military lockdown for 10 days starts from Saturday. So please stock everything. Groceries vegetables. City is going to hand over Army. Might Udhav thackeray releasing Control. Only milk and medicine will be available please inform your Mumbai friends if one stays  Maharastra Govt meeting is going on and total shut down of mumbai is expected to be announced this at anytime.  All stationed n living @ Mumbai n Pune .. Pls note..”

This forward message about the military lockdown had created a panic among the people of Mumbai and Pune. The Mumbai Police took to Twitter to clear the air. They tweeted the screenshot of the message and stated that it is fake and all essentials will be available.

The Mumbai Police tweeted on Tuesday night, “The attached message is fake but being widely circulated. If it reaches you, break the chain & do not forward. All essential supplies will be available & movement permitted only as per lockdown guidelines. #FakeMessageAlert.”

A citizen named Venkateshwar Mishra asked, “Is there any change in curfew timing for Mumbai?” In reply Mumbai Police shared a document of guidelines and wrote, “Moving out is not permitted between 8 PM to 7 AM. Please refer to the attached document for clarity on guidelines.”

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