Fans worried about Samantha Akkineni hugging and kissing Shilpa Reddy and dogs

Some fans of Samantha Akkineni have expressed over her hugging and kissing her friend Shilpa Reddy and her dogs. They have urged her to maintain a social distance after seeing her Instagram video.

Samantha Akkineni owns a dog named Hash and she often keeps posting pictures and videos featuring her playing with her pet on her Instagram account. The actress has spent the most of her quarantine in the company of her pooch. On Friday, she shared video featuring her having fun time with two dogs.

The actress apparently visited the resident of her close friend, fashion designer Shilpa Reddy over the weekend. The actress had great time with her friend’s adorable dogs a Labrador and a German Shepherd. Shilpa recorded a video of her having some fun with them. Later, both of them shared the video and photo featuring Sam kissing Shilpa on their Instagram pages.

These video and photos have received superb response from the followers of Samantha Akkineni and Shilpa Reddy. They could not get over the actress’ cuteness featured in them. A fan named Dimple Pandit wrote, “True affection is gift of God 💐 stay blessed both of you❤️❤️”

But the coronavirus scare has made some fans worry about Samantha Akkineni’s health. They cautioned her against hugging and kissing anyone. They requested her to maintain social distance. A fan named Tammisetty Mahesh requested, “Mam plse maintain social distance 😁😁”

Another fan named Tasleem wrote, “It’s corona time no kiss no hugs social distance maintaining please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 too hard live with corona.”

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