Farhana movie is for all fans: Not against any religion or sentiments

Farhana movie is for all fans: Not against any religion or sentiments

Farhana movie is for all fans: Not against any religion or sentiments

The makers of Farhana, Dream Warrior Pictures, released a statement a day before its release saying that the movie is not against any religion or sentiments and it is a film made for fans.

Farhana is a social drama dealing a middle-class Muslim woman, who takes a call centre job due to her financial reasons. After seeing its promos, a section of people raised an objection that the film hurts the sentiments of Muslims as showcases the woman of the community in a bad light.

Dream Warrior Pictures, which has produced blockbusters such as Kaidhi, Aruvi, Theeran Athigaram Ondru and Joker, has bankrolled Farhana, which is set for its theatrical release on May 12. The makers released a statement to clear the controversy surrounding the movie today.

“Our company has always been functioning with great social responsibility and work ethics. Our films have spoken about religious harmony, social unity and love. But the controversies created by a few people about Farhana, which has been duly censored by the government body, have pained us greatly,” read the statement released by its producers.

The makers said, “Farhana is not against any religion or sentiments. Our aim is only to provide good movies and we never vouch for content that are against a particular religious sentiments and beliefs. And we have never allowed, nor do we want stories that are against humanity and humaneness. We wish that our brothers and sisters who are creating controversies about our movie should understand this.”

They said, “Our Tamil Nadu is a paradise for religious harmony. A soil that highly values works of art. It is not proper to oppose a censored film before its release due to misconceptions and create controversies based on it. It will only show that the opposers have no proper understanding. A film is made with the contribution of several people. We hope Tamil fans will support a film that is flawless in its intentions.”

Farhana has received a censor certificate without any objection in several foreign countries. The producers said, “Like in India, even in certain foreign countries, if a film has content that hurt religious sentiments, it’ll be very difficult for the film to get past censorship. Especially in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Oman, Bahrain and United Arab countries, the censor rules are strict. ”

The owners of Dream Warrior Pictures added, “But in those aforementioned countries, Farhana has cleared the censorship process even without a minor tussle. We hope this makes things clear and evidently shows that Farhana is not a controversial film by any means.”

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