Formula One plans to have its first eight races in Europe

After the restart of the European football season and successful management of leagues across the continent like Bundesliga in Germany, La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy and soon to be restarted Premier League in England has given hope to sports fan across the world. Formula One marks its 70th anniversary this year since its inception in 1950, and they had big plans to promote their sport for future generations. The novel coronavirus has put a stop to the celebrations after Formula One CEO said there are chances the season might not happen. After seeing the current situation across the world, seven races out of a total of 22 have already been cancelled. The list includes the world-famous Monaco Grand Prix which has never been cancelled since 1954.
Taking inspiration from football F1 has come up with a plan to conduct its first eight races in Europe starting with Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg on July 5 which will be followed by the Styrian GP. From there they plan to move to Hungary and England and eventually Spain, Italy and Belgium. All these races will be behind a closed door; the venues will miss the thrill of the fans as the Silverstone GP in England had more than 3,50,000 people in attendance enjoying the event. F1 intends to move east after the stint in Europe and finally end the season in Abu Dhabi and Bahrain till December end or early January.
They have revised their plans of conducting at least 15-18 races to have a competitive season and celebrate the 70th edition. These plans heavily depend on the travel restriction and visa issues of different countries. Last year’s Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton returned to training along with Mercedes testing their vehicle before the opening of the season. The organizers have also set in place new rules to follow remote social distancing, new methods of hosting the winners’ ceremony will have to be innovated, teams will be kept separately before the race to promote social distancing and isolation. Formula One organizers plan to have an extended European season in new venues to make it possible to have a full season and bring back normalcy in the lives of the people.

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