From brooming to playing cricket with it, here’s how Katrina is quarantining

Looks like everyone’s using their quarantine time to the fullest. From cleaning cupboards, kitchens to cleaning the entire house, everyone’s houses seen to have been revamped in the last few days. Well, if you look on the bright side, all of our houses will be spic and span by the time we are out of this pandemic. Also, it’s not just us, even celebrities are cleaning their house. Take a cue from Katrina Kaif.

Katrina Kaif has taken up household chores to spend time during the home quarantine. She had recently uploaded a video of her cleaning utensils and being grateful for all the help she has at home. Well,she’s now taken up the task of brooming her house. Katrina was multi-tasking since she was also talking to her sister. At one point Katrina was so bored that she ended up playing cricket with the broom. In a video shared by her, Katrina was seen sweeping the floors as Isabelle said in the background, “You gotta do what you’ve gotta do.” Sometime later, Katrina was seen using the broom as a cricket bat and pretending to hit an imaginary ball like a cricketer! She sure looked like having a blast taking a swing. Sharing the video, Katrina wrote, “Day 21 -One day at a time guys…….we all gotta do our part…….. m apparently @isakaif part is to give commentary and pro tips while seated Gotta mix it up ….. this is seriously good exercise btw #stayhome #helpoutathome”

Well, what do you think of Katrina’s new hobby so should we say what do you think of our new cricketer in the Indian team? How are you spending your quarantine time? Are you on a cleaning spree too? Let us know in the comments below.

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