From Ponmagal Vandhal to Section 375, 5 courtroom dramas to watch on Amazon Prime Video

The courtroom drama has been an intriguing genre in Indian entertainment for a while. Here is a list of 5 must-watch courtroom dramas on Amazon Prime Video, which will keep you enthralled till the end!

Ponmagal Vandhal: It is a murder mystery courtroom drama set in Ooty, in 2020. Venba (Jyotika), a determined lawyer, reopens the case of a serial killer Jyothi after 15 Years. This is Venba’s journey against child abuse and her quest for justice. Watch Ponmagal Vandhal on Amazon Prime Video.

Section 375: It is a story of a celebrated Bollywood director Rohan Khurana. He is accused by a female member of his crew, Anjali Dangle, of having raped her at his residence. The film unravels secrets as the case proceeds. Watch Section 375 on Amazon Prime Video.

One Day: Justice Delivered: This Anupam Kher starrer film is a story of Judge Tyagi. After Judge Tyagi retires, certain people go missing mysteriously. Things get complicated when crime branch officer Rathi investigates the cases and makes shocking revelations. Watch One Day: Justice Delivered on Amazon Prime Video.

LAW: It is the film that narrates the story of a couple, Radha and Vikram who are happily living at Madhuram apartments. Things turn upside down when an unexpected hurdle confronts them. How they solve the mystery and deal with a deadly situation, forms the crux of the story. Watch LAW on Amazon Prime Video.

John Day: It is a story of a mild-mannered bank manager, John (Naseeruddin Shah) who loses his only daughter in a forest fire. Years later, he discovers that the fire was not a mere accident. He then sets out to get even with those who caused her death. But he might just be a pawn in a bigger conspiracy involving Gautam (Randeep Hooda), a temperamental cop with a devastating past. Watch John Day on Amazon Prime Video.

Let’s not waste much time and stream these exciting titles right away!

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