“Go Ask Him Directly, Have No Idea About His Future”: Rohit Sharma to Fans

As the cricketing world has come to a standstill, questions about MS Dhoni’s return to international cricket are getting louder than ever.

India vice-captain Rohit Sharma said he has no idea of the international future of MS Dhoni when fans asked him about the same during a live Instagram chat with Harbhajan Singh, an off-spinner.

Rohit jokingly urged fans to visit Dhoni directly to find out the answer with the India cricket team about his future. And also said MS Dhoni leaves the radar when he is not playing for India.

Since 2019 India World Cup MS Dhoni hasn’t played international cricket which exits last July. Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, speculations about his international future are rife, even as doubt looms over the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020.

Including head coach, Ravi Shastri did not rule out chances of Dhoni return to Team India. And the IPL was seen as a possible comeback vehicle for Dhoni because of team management.

“When MS Dhoni is not playing cricket, he goes out of radar. He goes underground. Whoever wants to know, you can directly go to him, you know he stays in Ranchi,” Rohit Sharma said.

“You can’t go now but after the lockdown, you take a car, bike or flight go to his place and ask him ‘What are you going to do? Will you play or not?’

“We don’t know what’s happening with him. We haven’t heard any news about him. The last match of the World Cup was in July. From there, till now we haven’t heard anything I have no idea.”

Meanwhile, Harbhajan Singh said he feels that given his desire to feature in the IPL, MS Dhoni does not want to be playing for India.

“He wants to play IPL 100 percent. But one needs to know his take on whether he wants to play for India anymore or not. I think he doesn’t want to play for India again. He has played so much for India.”

“As far as I know him, he doesn’t want to wear the blue jersey again. He decided that India’s last match in the World Cup was his last. A few people have also told me that this is the case.” Harbhajan stated.

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