Good news: Tata Consumer Products and Flipkart are in Joint hands

Tata Consumer Product Limited and Flipkart said that they would work together and launch the distribution solution so that they can help the COVID-19 pandemic. They are just enabling the access of essential food to the consumers.

The first work of the Tata Consumer distributor is to list up all marketplace sellers and also inform the Flipkart sellers so that they can list their products on the platform.

Consumers can easily use the Flipkart platform to buy different essential products like foods (Tata Sampann Spices), beverages (Tata Tea and Coffee), nutria mixes, Pulses, etc. Tata Consumer Products Company makes most of the products. Many sellers can sell their essential products safely, and the payment mode should not be Cash On Delivery.

Flipkart market place will take order of essential combinations from the customer, then pick the product from the Tata Consumer Company distributors then delivering the product through delivery executives. They will deliver that to the consumers.

This partnership is already started in Bengaluru, and it is quite successful. These companies have the plan to extend this facility in Mumbai, Delhi. In the coming week they are planning for some other places too.

As per the statement, the product combinations are made such a way that it can fulfill the specific needs of the Indian consumers.

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