Google Pay completely legal and safe, confirms NPCI

Google Pay has become a fan-favorite among people. Its rewards and benefits have taken over the public, and since the lockdown was lifted, it has seen the highest number of transactions taking over the UPI platform. Recently Twitter has been going crazy over the news of Google Pay has been banned in India. #GpaybannedbyRBI has been doing rounds on twitter. However, NPCI has come forward confirming that Google Pay is secure and is authorized by the RBI. Economist Abhijit Mishra has filed a PIL against Google Pay, saying that it had started transactions before even receiving a sanction from the RBI. NPCI responded that Google Pay does not operate any payment systems; hence they are not violating any law. Misleading messages has been doing rounds on the Internet and WhatsApp groups. Google pay has the highest number of transactions taking over its platform. Google Pay uses Unified Payments Interface (UPI), which is a platform started by the NPCI. The false news said that Google Pay was banned because it was not authorized and wasn’t a payment system operator.

Therefore NPCI had to issue a statement clarifying the whole fiasco. They announced that RBI sanctioned it as a Payments System Operator (PSO) and conformed that all transactions taking over the application are protected under the law. An official from NPCI said, “RBI has authorized NPCI as a Payment System Operator (PSO) of UPI and NPCI in its capacity as PSO authorizes all UPI participants. We want to elucidate that Google Pay is a Third-Party App Provider (TPAP) which provides UPI payment services like many other applications, working through partners and operating under the UPI system. All transactions made using any of the authorized TPAPs are protected by the law and are completely safe.” Google Pay India said that their working is entirely transparent, and they abide by laws of India partnering with banks to allow payments via UPI. They said that they are a third party app as stated by the UPI guidelines hence not part of the list issued by NPCI containing names of payment systems operators.

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