Government Inviting All Doctors, Specialists to Help Fight Pandemic

If you are a medical professional, or a doctor, inspired to contribute to fighting the pandemic, then you could register to do so. The NITI Aayog is officially inviting medical specialists and doctors in India to volunteer for this mission.

As the fight against the pandemic is now intensifying, the need of the hour is your expertise in medicine. If you are willing to offer your expertise and training, then you could click here to register to do the same.

“The country is facing an unprecedented public health emergency with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting several parts of the nation. The Central and state governments have made exceptional efforts to combat the crisis along with the involvement of all citizens.

In case the outbreak leads to a high number of infected individuals, our public health facilities will face tremendous load to take care of the large number of patients. This overwhelming burden may not be met by the available doctors in the public health system. The Central and state governments are augmenting and expediting increase in healthcare services in every part of the country. In addition, COVID-19 ‘train hospitals’ are being created in this regard.

 The Government of India requests for volunteer doctors who are fit and willing to be available for providing their services in the public health facilities and the training hospitals in the near future. We appeal to such doctors to come forward at this hour of need. You could also be a retired government, Armed Forces Medical Services, public sector undertaking or a private doctor,” states the official Niti Aayog portal.

In related news, even if you are not a doctor or medical practitioner, you could now download the Aarogya Setu app from here. This contains essential information about fighting the pandemic.


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