Here’s how coronavirus will change the office environment

Software service company Kissflow Inc from Tamil Nadu, has issued all its employees to work from their hometown. They have promoted a cloud-based digital interface to replace the regular workplace. But all this requires good infrastructure, excellent internet, and Wi-Fi connectivity, a good laptop, and, most importantly, a pleasant work environment with a good chair. The company has agreed to reimburse 80% of the cos regarding this equipment. They have also made it possible for the employees to come to Chennai once a week and provided them with a place to stay.

Many companies have come forward worldwide to provide a suitable environment for the workers to work. Tata Consultancy Services has announced that the majority of their employees will work from home by 2025. Shopify and e-commerce multinational company has shut its offices till 2021 and has promoted everyone to work from home. The future of offices will be a digital workplace where the internet will act as a bridge to connect you worldwide. Companies with head offices in various countries across time-zones have always had to use the internet as a resource, but now the setup has become more remote and most structured.

Zoom meetings have replaced the traditional board room meeting. It has become omnipresent where you may go; you’ll find someone having a zoom meeting. Zoom Inc. had a profit of over $27 million in the past three months, which much higher than its total profit last year. Google meet has become another platform and has its benefits; it has more than 50 million downloads on the Playstore itself. It is interesting to see companies managing to sustain productivity while working remotely, and up till now, it is working.

There has also been a concern for the environment employees have to work from home. Godrej Interio has seen an increase in searches for work from home setups, chairs, or desks on their online platform. They are working tirelessly to provide solutions to companies and individuals; they are also working on office layouts to promote social distancing. A comfortable chair will help an individual work for long hours without affecting or straining his body.

An Indian lawyer recently shared her experience of online courtroom meetings and finds it very difficult to present her case as advocating is not merely about presenting documents but making a case through body language ad connecting with the people. Since courtrooms are often filled with people, she finds it very strange working from home. The pandemic effects will last for more than a year; hence, we need to find solutions so that people can come together and work on projects and sustain the efforts of collective teamwork.

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