Hero Cycles provided Rs 100cr as a contingency fund for coronavirus

The famous cycle company Hero Cycles said that it is a setting of Rs 100 crore as a contingency fund, which has to be addressed and mitigate to the coronavirus pandemic and the large community.

This is one type of business principle which organization follows so that they can get the individual approach. Hero Motors Company’s chairman Pankaj M Munjail said that they are allocating Rs 100 corer funds as a contingency so that they can help entire people around their company to surviving in this condition.

This chairman also said that this company is so much helpful that they are also trying to reach out to different states so that they can offer all possible help.

Hero Cycle company has also set up a monitoring call handling system where Mr. Munjal is closely handling all the calls and monitoring the economic repercussions of the pandemic. Ultimately this is an impact on the organizational supply chains.

The company also said that they are planning for supply chain resumption where the time situation becomes normal they can provide medical support to their employees and their families. The company wants to support the all community, mainly in the manufacturing unit.

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