Hrithik Roshan and Ajay donated blood to help COVID-19 treatment

The famous actor Ajay Devgn and Hrithik Roshan, have donated their blood for helping people fight with the novel coronavirus. Both the actress have shared the details on their Twitter account.

Ajay has also mentioned that if anyone can recover from COVID19, then they are the Corona warrior. He has also told us that we need the army to overcome this invisible enemy. Everyone’s body blood has a bullet which can kill the virus, so you, please donate the blood. It will help to the severe people’s recovery. He has also spoken with BMC and the CM of Maharashtra.

Hrithik supported that initiative, and he has also shared more details on his Twitter page. He also added that Mumbai Kasturba hospital needs more support because they are in a mission, and the person whoever recovered from Cornavirus kindly supports them. If anyone tested positive and then 14-day quarantine, he got the negative result then that blood can kill the virus. He has also told that if you donate that blood others can survive. If you are serious about that, then please do it.

This question is very clear, but did it collaborated with any medical specialist? One user has told that after recovering again, that person can get infected. That time another fan has shared that WHO directly involved in it so it cannot be any fake news and COVID-19 survivors only can help to fight with the disease.

Recently, Ajay Devgan has condemned the doctors who are risking their lives to fight for Covid-19. Some educated people are attacking doctors by doing some baseless assumption such types of people are very intensive and worst than the criminals.

For helping daily wage workers, Ajay came forward and donated Rs 51 lakh in FWICE. They also have told him to thank you for it.

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