Hrithik Roshan applauds Mumbai Police initiative of, pens down his feelings on the issue

Hrithik Roshan recently took to his social media and wrote a heartfelt note on the issue that affects one and all. The actor came across the video while surfing the net and as a responsible citizen, spread the word about the recent steps that Mumbai Police has undertaken to reduce the incessant honking. He penned down a long note and this truly explains that he feels for the initiative.

The video states how Mumbai Police has come up with an insightful strategy to reduce the honking – a traffic light system that resets to the red light on the sound of car horns, if it reached 85 dB threshold hence, the initiative- #HonkMoreWaitMore.

Taking to his social media, the superstar took to his social media and penned a long heartfelt note saying, “There is a cultural deficit in our programming when it comes to mindless honking. It probably is caused by a combination of certain wrong beliefs.

We assume that the other people in traffic are not as much in a hurry as us. Which is certainly incorrect. We all want to get to where we are going sooner rather than later. So why do we we honk? Not needed. We believe that honking will magically make the traffic move faster or turn the red light green sooner somehow. It will not.

We also honk because we can see that the pedestrians never follow the rules and that becomes the general belief system – because we secretly know that we ourselves don’t follow the rules while crossing the streets and cross-sections. And we are so comfortable with noise pollution because we are accustomed to it. Which is really sad. But easily reversible.

Plus blowing that horn has become a kind of mindless venting of all our daily irritations and frustrations, it gives us some kind of satisfaction that we are letting off some steam. It actually does the opposite. The noise only aggravates all that pent up irritation inside. It does not HELP it.

I am dreaming of a Mumbai that is more patient, more trusting, more aware, more giving, more disciplined, more responsible, more present and all that will only come from wanting to be better as individual citizens for the sake of our city. Let’s do things together which will make us even more proud of this magnificent city.

My secret suspicion is that just the act of being aware of NOT to blow that horn will make us more present and add peace and serenity to our days whether inside or outside the car. You cannot dream of peace with decibels at its peak. Patience is the solution to our chaos. As a proud Mumbaikar, I volunteer to minimize noise pollution. This movement by the Mumbai police is just such a brilliant initiative. And #HornMoreWaitMore is a creative hack by our Traffic Controllers. 💪🏻”.

P.S: I am posting this as a citizen who was impacted by this video I saw yesterday and this post is not a tie-up or endorsement… but my own personal thoughts and emotions.”

Mumbai definitely braves the problem of traffic, very much and with Hrithik penning it down, beautifully with a video that appealed to him explains how everyone is affected. The video ends with a message “feel free to honk if you don’t mind waiting” and that is what the video highlights!

On the work front, Hrithik had a marvellous 2019 with two back to back hits and WAR being his highest grosser ever which made the year that where he definitely ruled over with his promising performance and presence.

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