Hrithik Roshan gives an epic response to a fan who asks if he called aliens by mistake causing Bengaluru boom

If you’re from Bangalore or have a friend from Bangalore, you would know about the loud boom noise that everyone in Bangalore heard on Wednesday afternoon.  This left everyone surprised and people took to social media to discuss the mysterious noise. This incident was also talked about across all news and entertainment platforms as they tried to figure out what could be the reason behind the incident.  While many speculated this to be an earthquake, a few other people hilariously discussed whether the sound has been caused by extraterrestrials. People also discussed as to how this is another addition to the apocalypse with coronavirus as the main event. This made alot of buzz on social media as this is not the only incident to happen this 2020. From storms, deaths of several famous people to coronavirus no 2020 sure has been one apocalyptic year.

However, it has now been confirmed that the strange sound was actually created during an IAF flight test thereby ending all the speculations and rumors related to the mysterious incident that happened there. Now that did not stop a Twitter user from asking Hrithik Roshan a hilarious question that has now left everyone in splits. The user has shared a video of Koi Mil Gaya’s Jaadu and asked this question, “Hey @iHrithik, is that you who called #Aliens by mistake again?” implying that the sound has been created by aliens who have been apparently called by the actor. If you remember the movie Hritik had mistakenly contacted the extraterrestrials which lead to them visiting Earth. Hrithik took this upon himself to answer the question too! He gave an equally epic reply to the tweet that reads, “Wasn’t a mistake. It’s time.” Well, we wouldn’t really be surprised if it was actually a UFO cuz even if it was. It’ll of course land in the US first!

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