Huma Qureshi feels ‘TikTok influencers are going to put actors out of business’

Covid19 has really turned our worlds upside down and everyone has been inside their homes due to the lockdown. People have also been discussing how the world would be like post the pandemic. Now Bollywood actress, Huma Qureshi also had some thoughts on it.

During at interview, Huma got talking about how TikTok influencers might soon put actors out of business. She gave a brief insight into how it is not the platform that will count but what we bring to the audiences and how we adapt to cater to a specific niche. On being asked her about the opportunity of doing animated films and she says, “Why not? It is a possibility and an opportunity. If you’re saying social distancing and physically shooting and doing films and telling stories that we’ve been used to is not a possibility. And if animations lend itself, which very clearly it can then that is the future. So is podcasting. We will keep evolving it. TikTok today has completely changed the whole idea of what it is to be a social influencer. I was checking out some guy and apparently, he used to put out these TikTok videos with a leg of chicken, and now he is the brand ambassador of a local chicken brand.” She further added, “I feel like TikTok influencers are soon going to put actors like myself and Rana [Daggubati] out of business because they will specifically target and cater to your niche. Adaptability is the name of the game and that’s what we have to really do. New skills, new opportunities. We can’t have blocks about, ‘Oh! This is not what I do as my image as an actor.’ The platform will be irrelevant anymore. It’s about the quality of work that will really matter. That’s what we should also be focusing on.”

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