IAS office Rani Nagar forced to submit resignation raises concern over safety of women

Rani Nagar, an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer of 2014 batch serving in the state of Haryana, had to file for resignation under the pretense of safety concern while on Government duty. She has been a victim of several assaults, including sexual harassment by another IAS officer back in 2018. She had filed a complaint with the local Haryana Police, who was negligent in investigating the matter. She has been serving in the state for six years, back in 2017 she first faced an assault inside her on the house.

Police registered the FIR but again did not carry on with the investigation. She has been continually voicing her concern to social media regarding her safety, but it falls on deaf ears. Contacting the Police has been of no use; hence when the lockdown was lifted, she resigned from her post. Haryana Chief Secretary has denied her request for resignation and asked the Central Government to move her to Uttar Pradesh. This news comes in the light when the Khattar Government in Haryana has been using the issue of women’s safety to gather votes. She was staying with her sister in her apartment in Ghaziabad when a man dressed as a woman with a mask and sunglasses came in front of their house while she and her sister were walking after dinner and attacked them with a steel rod.

IAS Rani Nagar didn’t have any severe injuries, but her sister suffered from the attack. For a couple of years, Rani Nagar raised the issue. She didn’t hesitate to complain about the senior officer who sexually assaulted her, but the officer denied the charges. The Government is yet to make a decision on whether to accept her resignation or transfer her to a different state. No security has been provided to the IAS officer till now. She is still staying with her sister in Ghaziabad. This issue raises several concerns for India as a whole in a country where even women’s safety is a primary concern, and a lot of steps are needed to be taken to ensure safety for women.

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