India and China senior officials to meet under special circumstances on June 6

Although the news hit the media almost ten days ago, how Chinese had infiltrated India especially in Ladakh and parts of Arunachal Pradesh, recently it was decided that talks between the senior military officials will take place on June 6. India’s defense minister said that the Chinese presence around the actual control line was a sizable number. It has been almost a month since China has infiltrated eastern Ladakh, and both troops have laid claim to the territory.

China is preparing for a massive infiltration into Eastern Ladakh amid nearly a month-long standoff between Chinese and Indian troops in the Himalayas. Both sides claim that it is their territory. The Global Times wrote an article on how the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, also known as PLA, were conducting night-time surveillance on Indian soil, exercising, and showing their combat ability. This Chinese infiltration will be the first time that it has posed such a threat to India by invading its boundaries. Defense minister Rajnath Singh said that we had taken the necessary steps to deal with the situation and assured that India would not move from their position. Chinese foreign ministry said that the case was well under control and stable across the border. 

US President Donald Trump tried to mediate in the current situation and resolve the standoff after having a conversation with PM Modi. He also invited India for the G7 summit. China rejected the proposal stating that no third party was needed. They will continue to uphold the national territorial security across the border as both nations have mechanisms to resolve the situation. Although the actions taken by the PLA are exceptionally provocative, India seems to be under reactive, considering they are at war on two fronts with the coronavirus situation. India looks to peacefully resolve this issue as soon as both the countries’ senior officials meet in Ladakh.

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