India to expand the ‘Vande Bharat Mission’ from next week

From next week, India is all set to expand its mega mission, the Vande Bharat Mission, to evacuate stranded Indians from abroad. The evacuation has been planned to bring stranded Indians from countries including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Germany, Spain and Thailand. The piece of information has been confirmed by official sources on Friday, the 8th of May. 

“As on Friday evening, a total 67,833 Indians found eligible under government’s criteria of having compelling reasons to be brought back home, have registered for evacuation by flight under the ‘Vande Bharat Mission’.”, said the sources.

The sources assured that the marooned Indians stuck in central Asia as well as in various European countries will be brought back home with the commencement of the second phase of evacuation from the 15th of May. 

Around 4500 Indians off the 27000 Indians expressed their will to travel back to their homes in India. The sources also added that 1800 to 2000 Indians shall be evacuated in four excursions by two ships, that are, INS Jalshwa and INS Magar.

INS Jalshwa, the Indian Navy ship, has already set out from male on Friday, the 8th of May in the afternoon. This Indian Navy ship has set sail to Kochi with approximately 700 stranded Indians on board. 

In accordance with the Government’s policy for evacuation, only those Indians are allowed to get on board to return home back in India those who have compelling reasons such as pregnant women, elderly citizens, students and the ones facing possibility of deportation. 

“A total of 64 flights carrying approximately 15,000 returnees from 12 countries are expected to land at 14 airports across India from May 7 to 15 as part of the phase one of the mission. The 67,833 people who have registered and mapped flights, included 22,470 students, 15,815 migrant workers, 9,250 people facing expiry of visas and 5,531 who are seeking evacuation on the ground of medical emergency. The people registered for evacuation also included 4,147 stranded tourists, 3,041 pregnant women and the elderly and 1,112 Indians who want to return due to death of family members.”, said the sources.

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