Indigo declared the staff that no salary deduction during the flight suspension

Indigo has assured their employees that they will not make any deduction in their salary till 31st March, though they are not working till then.

To stop the corona effect, government decision has come into the effect from Tuesday midnight.

Indigo chef executive officer Ronojoy Dutta has sent an email to one of his employees that the company has a reasonable booking for April, and it was very ‘anxious’ to fly again. Employees no need to work on a temporary suspension period, and the company will not make any deduction for their salaries.

PTI accessed their email and stated that from a few days, they are challenging this airline. Then he told that in the next few weeks their revenue will become low and they will not have anything to preserve cash. That time they need to put more effort into getting the penny-pinch money.

He has also mentioned that they are acutely cognizant during this operation’s temporary suspension, they will spend the reserve cash to pay salaries and other benefits. Dutta has also added that once this crisis will get over, the airlines will redouble it with its effort. They will rebuild the cash reserve.

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