“Injustice to migrant workers,” says Nitish Kumar on special buses sent to bring students

The Government of Uttar Pradesh has decided to send 300 buses from Agra and Jhansi to bring back the UP students stranded in the Kota city of Rajasthan.

The Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar has slammed the move made by the Uttar Pradesh Government to bring back students through special bus services, by citing that is a huge injustice to the migrant workers of Bihar who are stranded during the lockdown and is also a huge violation of the lockdown rules.

“Students studying in Kota come from well-to-do families, and most of them live with their families in Kota. What is the urgent need to get them home while all these migrant labourers from Bihar are stranded for weeks,” asked Nitish Kumar, slamming the violative move made by the Yogi Adityanath government.

The Bihar Chief Minister further stated that “Getting the students back home during the lockdown is injustice towards the labourers. It is also violation of the lockdown. When the labourers moved from Delhi in March that was also a violation of the lockdown.”

Nitish Kumar also requested all the Bihar students and labourers who are stranded across various parts of the nation to stay wherever they are locked now, as any further movement could add to the spread of the contagious coronavirus.”I appeal to the people of Bihar who are stuck in various other states to stay wherever they are. We are coordinating with our counterpart to provide relief to these people. Bihar government is doing everything possible to provide relief to them wherever they are”, stated the Chief Minister of Bihar.

In an official statement released by the Office of the Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar assured that the officials from the Bihar Government are in constant with their counterparts in other states to ensure that all possible relief measures are provided to Bihar students and labourers who are stranded in other states.

Kota in Rajasthan is a hub of coaching classes and learning institutions that attracts aspiring students from across the country to study engineering and medical courses.

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