International Olympic might get cancelled if not taken place in 2021

International Olympic committee president Thomas Bach says why there are chances that rescheduled Tokyo 2020 games are having chances of getting cancelled if it cannot take place next summer

Local organisers have said that they have no back up plan for commencement of Tokyo 2020 games as it got postponed this year due to the coronavirus crisis.

In interview Bach also pointed few things:

  • He admitted that the job of reorganising the games was  “a mammoth task”
  • He also warned that this time the event would definitely be different from last time with  a focus on essentials

However, japanese prime Minister Shinzo Abi has said even in 2021 the multi-sports event cannot take place until the virus is fully cured and Bach also responded positively to this statement.

  • The novel coronavirus has already infected more than 17,000 people in Japan causing about 800 deaths. Though Bach told that he has planned on commencing the games next year though it had  prepared for various obstacles that might come including quarantining athletes

Bach told that when he can see a clear view on how the world will look on 23rd July,2021 then only he would take appropriate decisions

 The rapid spread of coronavirus throughout the world is actually making sports impossible to take place in proper, proper decision would be taken after 23rd july.

 According to the new schedule the Olympics would take place on 23rd July continuing till 8th August.

 The Tokyo Olympics will be followed by china hosting the 2022 Beijing winter Olympics

A question was being asked to the IOC president if the tournament could held behind close doors.The IOC president replied  “this is not what we want”

Because other than the Olympics being a game it is also about uniting the fans and this is something which makes the game more unique.But when it comes to decision making,the IOC president said he would like to take some time and consult with the athletes,world health organisation,japanese partners.

The Olympics were last cancelled in 1994 due to world war ll but the games had never been delayed in their 124years of history.

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