Is Daniel Balaji a Christan insulting Hinduism and Brahmanism through Godman?

Daniel Balaji was insulted and abused after the teaser of Zee5 controversial web series Godman. Some viewers alleged that he is a Christan and he is insulting Hinduism and Brahmanism.

Zee5 released the 2-minute-long teaser of its upcoming web series Godman on May 26. It is about a self-proclaimed godman and Daniel Balaji is seen as Ayyanar, who is a petty criminal, drunkard and womaniser. However, its first look video was taken down after some viewers and Hindu groups objected to it. Many trolled Balaji, thinking that he is a Christian insulting Hindus with it.

But the fact is that Balaji is not a Christian and many mistook him due to the prefix Daniel. He is a cousin of actor Murali, whose father Siddalingaiah is Kannada film director. Actor Atharvaa is his nephew. However, the actor condemned his critics in an interview with The News Minute (TNM).

Daniel Balaji told TNM, “I am being personally targeted by certain groups. They assume I am Christian and question my intention in playing a role. The ‘Daniel’ prefix in my name actually comes from having played a character with that name in my first role in the TV serial “Chitthi.”

The actor added, “They first question how I can play the role of a godman when I am Christian, and then allege that I have insulted Hinduism and Brahmanism. And they have come to this conclusion through just a teaser.”

After seeing the trolling many in the industry feel that Daniel Balaji will be bullied when the web series Godman releases on Zee5. Talking about it, the actor told TNM, “I know how much they will troll me but I am not scared at all. It is just funny that when I act as a rapist, these people will appreciate my performance. When I do a movie where I murder people they say ‘superb!’”

He added, “But when I am actually playing a character who is transforming from bad to good, I will be abused. Hundreds of people will get ready to dish out all kinds of words at me. But I ask them, is that Hinduism? Is that what the Bhagavad Gita has taught them?”

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