Jacqueline and Salman’s new song ‘Tere Bina’: the cheapest production

The superstar Salman Khan has added his industry friends like Jacqueline Fernandez and Waluscha De Sousa with him. Currently, this trio is in Salman’s Panvel firm house, enjoying the lockdown. Jacqueline and Salman both are busy doing shooting one of the music videos whose title is Tere Bina and that shooting must be done on farm premises. In this short music video, Salman and Jacqueline will act and another one they must shoot for promotion of the song, which must be the in-house interview.

This actor Salman has already shared a video on his Instagram account and he has been interviewed by Waluscha. Salman has also revealed that he was having this song in his mind from long but now this made under his production house. He also mentioned that this is his cheapest production house.

Jacqueline also added that they used to shoot in a very big production house there spending also used to be more and a large amount it used to consume. Everything used to be proper like hair makeup, costume, etc. But in this song, only three people are working (Salman, DOP, and Jacqueline). She has even added that she finds herself very good at checking lighting, and she is doing everything by herself.

Salman has added that they shot this song for four days from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. He also said that they both do not need any makeup, and this is there learning experience.

They also shared their struggle with the internet speed while editing video, and since everyone was using the internet, so speed was slow.

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