Jacqueline Fernandes opens up on playing the dark role in Mrs. Serial Killer

Since the past few months, Netflix has had a lot of Indian digital films and has kept the audience hooked. Now one of the films was Drive which featured Jacqueline Fernandes opposite Shushant Singh Rajput and it did fairly well. However, it wasn’t exactly Jacqueline’s debut cuz recently she’s in a new Netflix digital Mrs. Serial Killer where she plays the lead role and this is truly what we would call a debut. This is the first time we will be seeing Jacqueline in a never seen before avatar and she is mind-blowing in it.

Jacqueline along with Manoj Bajpayee and Mohit Raina was asked during an interview about the dark emotion they had to tap on in order to play their roles. While Manoj said that he was a happy puppy in this film, Jacqueline mentioned that she had to prep really hard for the role because there was not a single happy moment in it.  She said, “That was very difficult for me. To perform such an extreme emotion, You have to actually understand the character and have to go through them. Certain things for me was complicated like aggression, pain, fear. I think when I was prepping for this character, it really became about empathizing with the character and being to foray things I had gone through but amplifying it by a 100. And that was extremely challenging. Throughout the film, there is so much struggle and conflict and there is never really a happy moment for me. We shot continuously for two months, and we thought to stay in this zone of conflict and aggression throughout. Finding and understanding what is that one thing for which you would go through any single length to achieve.” Jacqueline also added, hilariously though, that she would go through such extreme lengths perhaps only for her family. The actress also revealed that she is extremely excited to see how the audience reacts to it.

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