Janhvi Kapoor pens emotional note amid coronavirus crisis

India has been in lockdown for 21 days for the past few days and everyone is self-isolating and in quarantine. While everyone is busy trying to utilize the time to do what they love, it’s also a time to self reflect on our lives. Janhvi Kapoor is one of them who’s been lately taking time to think about her life.

Janhvi took to her Instagram to post the note and captioned: ‘Also learnt that I like to write… PS wrote this 3 days ago since we started self-isolating a little before the lockdown and it had already been a week for me by then’ She wrote: It’s a blessing to have things in excess and abundance the way that I do. But not knowing if our house ration will last long enough till lockdown ends, knowing someone’s risking their health every time they go to buy groceries makes me worry in a way I’ve never had to before. Still, I have it better than most in these conditions, and I’ve had it better than most do in life. I’ve learnt I have been selfish and irresponsible.’

Talking about how she feels in this self-isolation period, Janhvi wrote: ‘I’ve learnt that I feel my most liberated in this lockdown. It’s liberating to know you don’t really need all the things you thought you did. To be free from all the plans and anxieties, all the things I thought I needed to do and say and hear to feel good about myself.” Talking about her love for movies, Janhvi said: ‘I’ve learnt that I love movies. More than I love anything. I love watching them, and thinking about them and dreaming about them.’

Well, Janhvi is speaking for all and what we feel during this quarantine. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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