John Abraham opens up on keeping mum about his donations for COVID19

Recently John Abraham made news when he recited a poem called #MeraBharatMahaan. Talking about the poem John said, “The credit goes to Milap, he penned and WhatsApped it to me; I said ‘this is beautiful’. He just wanted me to recite it. It took me a couple of minutes, as it spreads the message of positivity in today’s world, which is full of negativity and hatred. I think it’s good to have something that’s positive and not controversial, still Indian at heart, which people will relate to. It will probably foster unity somewhere.” 

John is among those who like to keep their personal life private and while some celebs announced openly about the donation they have offered, he kept mum. Talking about this, John said, “I think people who have announced, have done fantastic jobs. People like me would not make it public, not even through a subversive way. Not even through a PR person, where you find out ‘Hey, John has been doing this, he has not told anybody, but he’s actually told people to tell’. So I am probably right at the other end.” He further said, “This was scary. Someone in the business told me ‘This is your time to buy goodwill’. We are faced with a real-life situation, and it’s not time to, quote-unquote, ‘buy’ goodwill. It is something I choose not to say, even if I am doing. Like I said, nothing wrong with people who have said it. Hats off to our industry, we have come together as a unit.” Talking about his quarantine life the actor said that it has not been a drastic change for him. He always prefers home food and is always comfortable in his house. On requesting people to stay indoors, John said that if people are expecting things to get back to the way they were, on May 4, let’s wake up and smell the coffee, nothing is going to be normal till the end of this year. It’s going to be a new normal.

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