Kajol opens up on being a mum & reveals why her kids haven’t watched her films

Kajol is among the most popular Bollywood mothers who have given us quite a number of hits that have been classics forever be it DDLJ or K3G. She’s been a part of the greatest movies that we all have watched growing up. Now Kajol has managed to work as well as raise both her children with actor Ajay Devgn like a pro and that is what leaves fans amazed. Having worked in Bollywood for almost 2 decades, Kajol has always managed to impress her fans with the way she takes care of her kids Nysa and Yug in public and also how she is acing at managing work and personal life. 

However, despite being a part of several films over the years and being a female superstar, Kajol recently revealed that both her kids Nysa and Yug haven’t watched her films. In a recent interview, Kajol shared that both Nysa and Yug haven’t watched any of her films and she even revealed why this is so. Kajol said that Nysa and Yug love watching films but haven’t seen hers for 2 reasons. She said one of them is that she doesn’t think she has done enough of them and the other she revealed that her kids think she cries too much. Kajol shared, “Both my kids love to watch films but haven’t seen many of mine. Firstly, because I haven’t made that many, and secondly, according to them, I cry too much and I make them cry too.” Talking about what she felt when she became a mum, Kajol said that she wanted to ace it from the word go. Kajol said, “When I became a mum, my first thought was that I just could not fail. I knew that this was one test I was going to ace… as this really was a question of life and wasted life.” 

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