Kamal Haasan takes on Tamil Nadu Govt for not seeking help of NGOs, youth & retired doctors

Kollywood superstar Kamal Haasan has come down heavily upon the Tamil Nadu Government for not taking an individual call handle the lockdown situation, by seeking the help of NGOs, youth and retired doctors.

Unlike his colleague, Kamal Haasan has been actively taking part in spreading the awareness about the novel coronavirus pandemic among the masses. He is also appreciating good works of various state governments of India and schooling the Tamil Nadu government. He is also writing letter to the different departments of Union government to draw their attentions to various problems.

Kamal Haasan took to Twitter today to school TN Govt and wrote, “Neighbouring states in south are seeking help of NGO’s, youth & retired doctors.  Unfortunate, my TN Government has passed an order impeding help from the willing and earnest. Oh! Respected? Ministers. No time for commission or omission. Let trained civil service personnel do their job. Stay safe. No time for brownie points.”

The founder of political party Makkal Needhi Maiam added, “While other state CMs take an autonomous call on lockdown, What are you waiting for, my Honourable CM? Your Master’s voice? My voice is of the People and from them.  Wake up sir while you sit, still in your chair.”

In reply to him, some people agreed with Kamal Haasan and said that the AIDMK government is dancing to the tunes of the BJP-led Union government. Others asked him to let his plans and strategies to hand the current situation. A few even questioned him on his silence over the Tablighi Jamaat event, as around 85% of the people, who tested positive in the state, attended this meeting.

Abdul Rahman S @Centristabdul

Sir, I think actually his Master n his Master’s master are trying ditch him and his party and already started to hit on opposition campaign. So they are trying to show they wanna be their slaves forever and pleading their masters not to ditch them. @ibalamurugan72 @SandiyarKaran

Krishna @krishnaJD

I would expect some proposals as well from you so the same public know what strategies and plans you have in this scenario. Blindly saying something would only be deemed to have been made only for attention seeking.

Ravikumar Varalekari @raaga31280

What is that you want the CM @EPSTamilNadu @CMOTamilNadu to do? Why don’t you send them a 2 page letter of advise to him suggesting on what needs to be done!! Am ashamed to have been a fan of you for over 3 decadesshame on me,shameless Pol you’ve become.. @HLKodo @GreenTwinLeaves

Ravikumar Varalekari @raaga31280 Do you have guts to say something about the tablighi congregation and the idiocies that those unruly Nawab’s have been performing over the last 10 odd days..?! Condemn the unruliness of the inpatients in TN who are breaking glasses, spitting on medicos.? @HLKodo @GreenTwinLeaves

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