Kangana Ranaut pens heartfelt note for Sushant Singh Rajput

Ever since Sushant Singh Rajput unfortunate demise, everyone has been giving their opinions on it be it a commoner or a celebrity. From celebs coming out and talking about their experience on nepotism and Bollywood’s toxic culture to investigations on Sushant’s death to debates about it, Sushant has become the hot topic of Bollywood and the nation. Now there have been people who claimed a foul play in the case and are demanding justice for Sushant. Fans and many celebs took to social media to request a CBI enquiry and give the Sushant the rightful justice. Amid them, Kangana Ranaut has been actively voicing her opinion about the case and even called out certain big shots of the industry for not giving Sushant his rightful recognition for his work in the industry.

Recently, Sushant’s fans in Malaysia, USA, Qatar and India came together and lit a diya/candle in his memory. While Kangana also lit a candle and participated in the peaceful digital protest, she has also shared a heartfelt note for Sushant and assure that she along with her fans will ensure Sushant’s name continues to shine. She wrote, “We will make sure your name shines like a star in the sky forever, millions of candles of your name were burning last night, we won’t let them dismiss you as mad or a weak life, you will continue to spread your lovely light, we promise you”. This is not the first time Kangana has been vocal about it. She has previously expressed about her experience in the Bollywood industry which also create a huge controversy between her and several others in the industry like Pooja Bhatt,Taapsee Pannu to name a few.

All we can now hope is that Sushant gets his rightful justice and whatever it takes to make sure he finds peace. 

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