Kangana Ranaut says Sushant Singh Rajput was the only one who supported her in the fight against nepotism

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has been in the news lately for speaking out her mind about Nepotism and the toxic culture in the Bollywood industry.  She spoke about Sushant and how the industry did not give enough credit for his hard work. Now recently she had an explosive interview with Republic TV said that when she was fighting against nepotism in Bollywood, the only actor from the Hindi film industry who supported her was Sushant Singh Rajput. In the interview Kangana made some very shocking revelations of what was happening in the Bollywood industry. Sushant’s death led to a huge uproar among people and fans of the late actor and Kangana revealed that only Sushant Singh Rajput backed her and supported her in the battle against nepotism in Bollywood. 

Kangana said that Sushant had previously stated that how Kangana was an outspoken person but he was not like her. She further added that people from the Bollywood fraternity tried to ruin her film career and how she lost on work and the brands also dropped her during her legal battle. The actress said that some people from Bollywood industry even tried to make her look like a very cruel and bad person. Kangana said that she fought tooth and nail to fight nepotism in Bollywood. That’s not it. Kangana also made many shocking revelations about how people were badly trying to ruin her film career and how she felt like shaving her head and disappearing somewhere. She said that it not about the money in her village but about ‘izzat’ and how some people from Bollywood wanted to show her in bad light.

We are not surprised at this revelation as we all know since the start that Kangana had previously tried to raise her voice on nepotism and everytime she was bullied to be quiet. It’s good to see that some light as finally been shed at the industry and people are calling out the ones who are wrong. What are you thoughts on this? 

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