KanganaRanaut blames #Bollywood’s movie mafia, and online media for Sushant’s demise

Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden death came as a shock to the entire Bollywood industry as well as to his fans. Since his demise on 14th June, the social media has been buzzing about him as everyone took to social media to pay their respects to him. This is frenzy several Btown A-listers were held responsible for his death as it was said that Sushant was unhappy with his work and due to nepotism he was found not given the right films. 

Now Kangana Ranaut expressed her views on Sushant’s demise and she shed light on nepotism and also accused many to be a part of it the group that never lets outsiders do their best in Bollywood.  Now she has released another scathing video attacking Bollywood industry and media publications for their coverage on the late actor. In a brief video, Kangana spoke about how the ‘Chhichhore’ actor was painted in a bad light by the media. Blaming blind items, Kangana said these articles carried inappropriate and incorrect statements about the actor. She also quoted Sushant’s Kedarnath director Abhishek Kapoor who said that the actor’s state of mind was ‘systematic dismantling of a fragile mind’.  She also read out headlines of a few blind items that have been published in the past by news organizations and called it a kind of ‘mental, emotional and psychological lynching’.

Kangana Ranaut alleged that it was professional bullying and nepotism that took the life of the young actor. “Were there people calling Sushant? Were there people putting such thoughts into his mind? I have no idea, but obviously, he was in a similar situation. In his interviews, he had said that nepotism cannot co-exist with talent because they don’t allow the right talent to come up. I can relate to it, and hence I am raising questions. I want to know who played the catalyst in this situation?” Kangana questioned.


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