Karan is spending time with Yash and Roohi

The famous filmmaker Karan Johar is enjoying with his kids. He has twins, and their name is Yash and Roohi. Currently, this trio is enjoying their lockdown in their bathroom area.

He has shared a video on Instagram where he has asked his duo what they are up to; they have shown bathtub.

 After some time, his daughter was saying that tub is useless, and Karan told that he never used that tub.

Like this, only that conversation continues, and lastly, Karan focused that Yash is playing with the water tap. Karan has also asked that what he is doing at that time, he laughed and replied that he is washing.

While uploading this video, Karan Johar has put the caption as people have almost reached the end of the lockdown.

As soon as this video got uploaded, all of Karan’s friends started commenting on that, and they have also posted some adorable comments too.

The famous Ekta Kapoor also has added that those kids are just awesome, and it is very good that all are back.

Before Karan’s daughter used to call him an elephant. In this video, it is clearly shown that this filmmaker is playing a game with his kids. In that Karan asked, if Roohi would have been the an animal, what would be the situation. That time Roohi screamed and told him elephant.

Yash has asked the same question that Koffee with Karan show he can ask if dada would be the animal what would be the situation.

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