Karan Johar advises everyone to rebuild, regrow and reinvent for a better future post-COVID19

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit us all in the worst way possible and though it seems like it’s neverending we must all not lose hope and be hopeful for a new start. Speaking about the new hope and new start, Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar feels the same and he has recently shared his thoughts about the same.

In a recent interview, Karan initially talked about the current situation and said that these are trying times and that all of us are going through a turbulent time. When asked what can be done in the current situation, he says, “I think we have to do the three things rebuild, regrow and reinvent.” First of all, the filmmaker says, “We can regrow by reaching out to material that is out of our comfort zone.” He also admits about having started doing that thing. Karan says, “I have started doing that because I want to regrow in a new way.” Next, he talks about the importance of rebuilding thoughts. In his words, “We all sometimes get stuck in a certain way. What I have done to personally rebuild my thought is to create alternate properties. He talks about how he is working on Takht and that he hopes to make it soon. Karan, however, also adds that he will create another piece of work and rebuild some material too. Karan also adds that he continues to write in between the same. He says, “It used to be a struggle but discipline is a huge benefit.” He finally talks about reinvention and states, “Reinvention is always difficult because all of us like to be in a certain kind of comfort zone. We always do the same thing. Like if you are writing a certain kind of film you want to write a certain kind of film. Reinvention is getting totally out of your comfort zone. It is leaving your territory and doing something else. If this tragic time has taught me something there is absolutely no saying what the future holds.”

Well, we hope all of us take Karan’s words into consideration and rebuild, regrow and reinvent!

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