Karnataka excise department books seller for selling Rs 52.8k of liquor

An anonymous individual from Bangalore shared a bill worth Rs 52,800 that went viral on WhatsApp. The excise department of Karnataka has booked the seller of the retail liquor selling outlet for selling more than the permissible limit. 

The Karnataka excise department had mandated all the retail liquor selling outlets in the state to abide by the rules of the department. The excise department had only allowed the sales limit of 2.6 litres of Indian-Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) or 18 litres of beer to a customer per day. However, a retail liquor store in the name of ‘Vanilla Spirit Zone’ in the Tavarekere area of south Bangalore had sold 13.5 litres of liquor and 35 litres of beer to a customer.

The picture of the liquor sale bill that went viral on WhatsApp caught the attention of the excise department officials. The excise officials have booked a case against the seller at Vanilla Spirit Zone. The buyer remains unidentified. The excise officials might book a lawsuit against the buy as well, as it is illegal for an individual to carry more than 2.6 litres of liquor belonging to any category.

The seller of the retail liquor outlet has stated that a group of eight people collectively made the purchase and later made payment through single card payment. Commenting on the incident, A Giri, Deputy Commissioner of the Excise Department, Bengaluru South, said, “We are investigating his (the owner) claim, and only then we will decide on what penal action to be taken against him.” 

Recently a bill of liquor purchase worth rupees 59,952 in Mangaluru was shared on social media platforms. The incident in Bangalore where an anonymous man shared a bill worth rupee 52,800 of liquor went viral on WhatsApp just hours after the Karnataka government relaxed restrictions on alcohol during lockdown 3.0.

The excise department of Karnataka could expect to see many more cases of liquor bills going viral on social media platforms. The excise officials could book lawsuits against both the buyer and the retail seller of liquor if found to be crossing the permissible limit.

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