Kartik Aaryan interviews IAS District Collector Nooh Bava in the latest episode of this chat show

The lockdown has made everyone creative and people have found ways to keep them busy. Now Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan has been super active on social media to create awareness about the current situation and advising people to be inside their homes through his monologue and rap which went super viral on social media. Now he too seems to have found himself a way to keep the boredom away by starting his own virtual chat.

The heartthrob of the nation who has ruled the cinema and box-office is currently reigning the virtual world ever since he has turned a chat show host for his unique web series Koki Poochega.  Recently Kartik launched a new episode of Koki Poochega, where he interviewed Kerala’s superhero – Nooh Bava, IAS District Collector. Nooh Bava is being referred as ‘Man With A Gift Of Instant Decision Making’ by media folks, as the man’s instant thinking to stop the contagious virus when only three cases were reported in his district was beyond commendable. Nooh Bava’s instant action plan and helping the first three cases in his district stopped a major spread of the pandemic and Aaryan salutes the real-hero in his new episode. The actor had announced the heroic-guest on his show on social media by saying, ‘Nooh Bava – The IAS Officer jin se Corona bhi darta hai. Episode 5. May 12. #KokiPoochega’ Fans soon couldn’t contain their excitement as the actor’s chat show has become the talk of the town in the virtual world. His unique and fun-filled show is one of the most-watched on the video-sharing platform. Koki Poochega not only enlightens one in these difficult times in various aspects of life – whether it’s the dos’ and donts’ or immunity hacks or even busting myths about the novel Coronavirus, it also makes one smile and laugh as the actor adds his charm and humor.


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