Kartik Aaryan reveals ‘Love Aaj Kal’ is his best performance of his career till now

Recently Kartik took to Instagram and shared a still from “Love Aaj Kal”, and also a picture of himself along with Ali. Alongside the image, he wrote: “When you first dream of being in films, you act in front of the mirror and nail it every time, and the world of movies seems magical. Then you get a movie. You see the camera and are unnerved. It’s bigger than the suitcase you brought to Mumbai. The bright lights seem to be scolding you for not landing on a one-inch tape mark and wasting everyone’s time.” “The first few years become about trying not to look nervous.? Then you get an Imtiaz Ali movie. The moment he narrates the story, you are pulled into a dream. I don’t even remember seeing the camera on his set, he‘d always be standing wherever I looked after the cut. He was never at the monitor, he was by my side. The lights on Imtiaz Ali’s set help you find those tape marks,” he added.

Kartik also talked about how he never experienced the kind of love and appreciation he got for his performance in “Love Aaj Kal”. “And that too from some of my favorite filmmakers and people I most respect in the industry. How ironic that the making of this film felt most effortless. It would scare me to think of doing two characters in one movie. And here, I didn’t even realize how smoothly I was being transitioned between #Veer and #Raghu,” he wrote. “For an actor, there is no better environment than being In front of that mirror. Imtiaz Ali takes you there. This is the reason why so many great actors’ greatest performances have been in Imtiaz Ali films,” Kartik added.

Well, we totally agree with Kartik as this was one of his finest actings and we can only hope that in future he does even better. What do think about Kartik’s acting? Let us know in the comments below.


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