Kartik Aaryan says ‘My mother is getting worried now,’ as he trends on Twitter

Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan has had his share of fame on social media by now. From trending for his monologue on Coronavirus, his rap song for everyone to stay at home, the actor has been quite active on social media during the pandemic. Now recently Kartik saw himself trending on Twitter but this time he had no clue as to why! The actor was amused at this and took to instagram to react to it and said that his mother worried that he was trending all night on Twitter on Tuesday. Around midnight, Kartik asked his followers why #KartikAaryan has been trending all evening and sure enough, he got the answer.

He tweeted,“Yaar please koi bata do shaam se Trend kyun ho raha hai #KartikAaryan Ab Mummy ko tension aa rahi hai (Please someone tell me why #KartikAaryan has been trending since evening. My mother is getting worried now),”. Soon, his fans let him know that it is due to a comment he left on an Instagram post by Bigg Boss’ Shehnaaz Gill. Shehnaaz is a singer and model who featured in the Season 13 in hit reality show Bigg Boss.

“Because you followed Shehnaaz and commented on her post 🙂 Thank you very much !! #ShehnaazGill,” read a comment by one of Shehnaaz’s fanpages on Twitter. “Bec of your comment on shehnaaz gill’s post and bec shehnaazians love you,” read another comment. Shehnaaz had shared a glam picture of herself on Instagram on Tuesday and her captioned asked everyone to ‘respect everyone’. Kartik asked her in the comments, “Usko bhi jisne sabse pehle Bat khaya tha (Even the one who ate that bat for the first time?)”, referring to the coronavirus pandemic and the cause behind it. Kartik’s reply had received 24,500 likes and 6000 comments and soon the hashtag was trending on Twitter! 

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