Keep racism away from sports, requests fans and player alike

Darren Sammy, the two-time world T20 champion, has recently come to the open about racial slurs against him during the IPL when people associated with him in the team had continually called and nicknamed him ‘kallu’. Replying to the George Floyd case in the USA, he has opened a problematic chapter for the sports fan who feel uncomfortable while talking about this. He said that he was unaware of the meaning of the word and wanted an explanation from the IPL committee. ICC has set in place sensible rules to deal with racism, and several boards have adhered to them and adopted them. If a player participates in such racist activities, he has to pay the penalty.

Football is also fighting its battle with racism as players are coming forward and supporting the movement against racism on and off the field. Raheem Sterling, a start striker from Manchester City, was quoted saying, “It isn’t about taking a knee but giving people a chance they deserve.” He also complained about the proper representation of them in the Premier League. The German club Mainz 05 has to cancel a membership of a fan who disliked the number of black players on the team. The club responded it does hurt them when members leave, but sometimes it doesn’t. Players are tired of this situation, which has been going on for hundreds of years and want to see a change in future generations. Crowds can be brutal; many players’ lives are marred because of the racial slur they hear coming from the chants around the stadium; they have been abused about their color, religion, family background. On the other hand, players themselves have also abused each other using racial slang.

The problem of racism is also faced by Indian players when they are playing outside. Players like Abhinav Mukund, Dodda Ganesh had come up instances when they were racially abused. But this problem has deep roots in the Indian community also. Matrimonial advertisements still focus on the caste and color of the boy or girl. Hence racism has no place, whether in the field of play or the outside world.

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