Khushi Kapoor’s reaction banana with toffee sauce; fans could not stop laughing

This lockdown is very awakened for all the people, and many are trying to do some experiments which will not get success always. This corona lockdown has made everyone stay indoors, and only in necessary time people have to go out. This duo sister Janhvi Kapoor, and Khusi Kapoor are doing something to entertain their fans. They have quality time with their family.

Khushi has finished her study and come back to India and after that only this corona has started. She could not be able to go out, but this duo always together, and they still upload some videos to entertain their fans.

Today also she shared a video where she has mentioned bananas and toffee sauce, which she is putting together. She has recorded the video where Khusi is having and giving a disappointing reaction, and she is trying to keep her sister happy. Janhvi has also told that she is giving some murmurs reaction while eating.

Janhvi and Khusi both are doing many things together, and they are also doing some things to grab fan’s attention. They took the challenge, and thought who will marry first.

Janhvi has become emotional in this lockdown, and she has mentioned everything about her mother, Sridevi and father Boney Kapoor. How luxurious life they used to maintain and other things.

Janhvi is always in news, and they still keep sharing their photos. This actress wants to keep herself busy by doing some painting. She has shared some of her photos also.

Regarding work, Janhvi has an interesting line-up, and everything is on hold due to lockdown.

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