Kriti Kharbanda has a ‘Regret’ in this corona virus triggered lockdown

Kriti Kharbanda, an actress and model known for her work in Hindi, Kannada and Telugu language films, is staying with her boyfriend Pulkit Samrat in this period of lockdown due to the outbreak of COVID 19.

She shared a throwback memory on her Instagram page, remembering the time when she could do pole dancing whenever she wished to do so. It was during the shooting of Houseful 4 that the actress developed liking for pole dancing. She included pole dancing as a part of her fitness routine while shooting for Houseful 4 and very soon it became her favourite form of workout. 

Remembering her pole dancing days, she shared her pole dancing video which appears to have been shot in a fitness studio. She shared the video on Instagram. She captioned the video as “Throwback to my favourite form of work-out! Definitely regret not installing a pole at home. Adding this to my to-do list post the lockdown! What’s on your list? What do you really miss doing?”  

Last year, the actress was pretty much trending with her Instagram post of a collage with a pole dancing picture of hers and Pulkit’s, a picture each. At that time her relationship with her ‘Pagalpanti’ co-actor Pulkit Samrat was still under wraps.

Though she regrets not having installed a pole in the house and definitely plans on doing the same post lockdown, her boyfriend is keeping her rather occupied by baking her new dishes. 

She posted a picture on her Instagram flaunting her boyfriend Pulkit Samrat’s culinary skills. “You’re welcome, Pulkit. I’m glad I bring out the best in you. Did you ever think you would bake PAV for me! The bhukkhad in me is very impressed, haan! Muahhh!” she captioned the post.   

She had more Instagram posts flaunting her boyfriend’s culinary skills with “Sour dough gluten free bread” and “Amritsari fish tikka” on the menu too. Well, not only Kriti but there are many other celebrities who have been missing their pre-quarantine time. All of them keep on sharing their #TBT throwback videos and pictures remembering the time when they had fun outdoors!

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