Life insurance companies are providing COVID-19 death claims.

Industry body Life Insurance Council has announced that any life insurance company has to process the death claim for COVID-19 as soon as possible.

Some customer has made inquiry to get the clarity of COVID-19 death case amount. Force Majeure has described that it is not anticipated nor controlled.

This Life insurance council told that all insurance is duty-bound to settle the amount of COVID-19 death claims.

All insurance companies are communicated to their customers individually on this matter. These life insurance companies have done the phone calls to their customers and convey the terms and condition so that everyone does not take any financial tension, and they can be safe at home.

Life insurance is a fundamental need in everyone’s home, and currently, there is a big local impact of COVID-19 pandemic. This is a very crucial situation for the life insurance company, and they are ensuring that they can provide their customer’s uninterrupted support digitally. Due to the lockdown, policyholders should not face any problem. They are also taking care that the policyholders should not get any tension due to COVID-19. S N Bhattacharya also told that Life insurance companies are explaining the claims to each policyholder.

They also told that all life insurance companies are with their customers in this challenging situation, and customers should not be swayed.

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