LIVE Updates: Parliament Budget Session Resumes, Let’s check key issues of govt agenda!!

On Monday 2nd March the second part of the Parliament’s Budget Session will begin. And the session

continues until April 3.

Parliament’s Budget Session of the Legislative agenda of the Government will comprises almost 45

Bills and seven financial items.

During the sessions it will includes replacing the 2019 Ordinance on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

(Amendment) and Mineral Laws (Amendment) Ordinance 2020 with Bills.

The session would possibly be stormy as it would be the resignation of Union Home Minister Amit

Shah as said by the Congress party. AAP and CPIM MPs have already issued Business Notice

Suspension in Rajya Sabha over last week’s abuse.

Budget Session of Parliament Live Updates:

11:58 IST: Owaisi questions why BJP did not act against Anurag Thakur, Kapil Mishra

11:54 IST: Sanjay Singh calls for a SIT investigation on crime in Delhi

11:51 IST: Rajya Sabha has been adjourned until 2 pm

11:13 IST: The Supreme Court has rejected the death row convicting Pawan’s curative petition.

11:07 IST: The Budget Session resumes and is adjourned in minutes.

11:03 IST: Meeting of core group BJP starts

10:47 IST: AAP MPs protest at Gandhi statue

10:35 IST: Owaisi notifies Lok Sabha of the abuse in Delhi

10:05 IST: Trinamool to stage dharna over violence in Delhi

09:34 IST: Trinamool, NCP, resign in Lok Sabha

09:06 IST: Congress takes note of Delhi violence in Lok Sabha

08:37 IST: Left MP makes note of Delhi unrest in Rajya Sabha

08:26 IST Opposition to demand resignation of Amit Shah over violence in Delhi

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