Lockdown 2.0: Meghalaya allows inter-district movement in 10 out of 11 districts

The state government of Meghalaya on Thursday announced its decision to allow inter-district movement of the public in 10 out of 11 districts in the state. The decision by the Meghalaya government comes amid the nationwide lockdown that is currently in existence till May 3.

An official from the government of Meghalaya on Thursday said that the state has not registered any new COVID-19 cases in 10 out of 11 districts in Meghalaya. The official also added that these 10 districts in the state have been declared as ‘green zone’, as they are free from the novel coronavirus infection. The decision was taken after the 10 districts reported of no new positive cases found in those areas.

The East Khasi Hills district in the state of Meghalaya has reported a total number of 12 COVID-19 positive cases. The state capital, Shillong has reported the death of one coronavirus infected person. Shillong lies in the district of East Khasi Hills.

Besides the East Khasi Hills, no other region in the state of Meghalaya has reported any case of COVID-19 infection.

Cyril V D Diengdoh, the Secretary of Political Department issued a letter to the district magistrates declaring ten districts in the state to be ‘green zones’ and allowed the inter-district movement between these regions. East Khasi Hills district is not included in the ‘green zone’ list. Cyril V D Diengdoh’s letter mentioned that “Barring East Khasi Hills district, all other ten districts in the state are in the green zone as they have not reported any COVID-19 cases. All deputy commissioners in the green zones may allow inter-district movement.”.

The state government of Meghalaya has allowed the inter-district movement in the green zones alone, on the condition that people should not transit through East Khasi Hills district.

Over 10,200 natives of Meghalaya have been identified by the government to be stranded in various other states of the country. This count includesabout 2,500 natives of the Meghayala state who are stranded in the other northeastern states.

The State government has asked the natives to register themselves online at the government portal, www.meghalayaonline.gov.in/covid  or contact government helplines at 8132011037/8433038716/9711544148 and 7338550288 if they wish to return to their homes a day after the lockdown ends, on May 4.

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