Many shows of Love Aaj Kal canceled on Tuesday after witnessing huge dip on Monday

Love Aaj Kal, which witnessed a drastic fall in its collection on Monday, has faced another big setback on Tuesday. A record number of its shows have reportedly been canceled on its fifth day.

Having huge hype, Love Aaj Kal opened to good response on Friday and it cashed in on Valentine’s Day a big time. But the mixed verdict by the audience took a toll on its collection on Saturday and Sunday. Many people in the film industry were keeping their fingers crossed over its business on weekdays.

The Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan collapsed on Monday. The drastic fall in numbers was not a surprise, as its trending was evident during its opening weekend itself. Love Aaj Kal has collected Rs 31.26 crore net at the Indian box office in four days. Its day-wise breakup is Rs 12.40 crore on Friday, Rs 8.01 crore on Saturday, Rs 8.10 crore on Sun, Rs 2.75 crore on Monday.

It is rumoured that the makers of Love Aaj Kal have inflated its collection figures to save it being called a flop movie. But to their shock, many of its shows were canceled on Tuesday due to a lack of audiences. Trade pundits say that the producers may provide fake figures, but none can stop it from incurring losses to its distributors.

Trade expert Sumit Kadel tweeted, “Record number of shows cancellation has been reported for #LoveAajkal today (Tuesday) in morning shows across India.. Exhibitors are looking to discontinue the film before the end of its first week itself. Film collection are also inflated everyday which is more sad , will it change its box office fate? #LoveAajkal.”

Directed by Imtiaz Ali, Love Aaj Kal is a romantic drama film starring Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan. Spanning from 1990 to 2020, the movie portrays two love stories from widely different eras facing widely different obstacles. One couple battles society`s restrictions while the other must learn to balance work with love, but both portray the same true and unfiltered feelings of love.

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