“MatKar Forward” campaign trends on social media, aims at preventing fake news spread

Of late, some Bollywood and cricketing personalities have been engaged in a new campaign called “Mat Kar Forward”. This is a campaign that is aimed at curtailing the spread of fake news on social media platforms.

This campaign is also now currently trending on social media platforms. This campaign features Bollywood actors and cricketing personalities such as Virat Kohli, Ayushmann Khurrana, Kriti Sanon. They earnestly appeal people to check any news they receive through social platforms before blindly forwarding these.

Forwarding of non-genuine news or updates could potentially lead to dangerous situations that could harm the fabric of the country. At this juncture, fake news problem on social media has been a real bother especially over the last couple of years. This issue has even led to certain untoward incidents. Hence, it is vital that people thoroughly check any news piece – message items they receive on social media platforms and channels.

Think before you forward is the basic idea and tagline of this campaign. Such spreads could be more dangerous than the pandemic and could destroy human lives completely. In summary, don’t forward stuff which you think is not your cup of tea. Forward only positive posts that could bring about something good either personally or from a societal perspective.

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