Microsoft employees providing training to 65,000 people

Microsoft all physical stores are got closed worldwide, and nearly 2,000 retail employees have given training to 65000 people in some sectors like government, health care, finance, education, etc. Last month Microsoft Teams worked like that.

Many organization has to work remotely in this pandemic situation, and for that, they need virtual training and support, which is much better.

Microsoft Store employees only has permission to serve their customers if any emergency.

Almost 80 percent employee is choose to work from home, and they must cover a total of five areas like education area, selling surface area, supporting customers area, workshops area, Cloud and Microsoft 365, etc. This Friday, Microsoft has posted this.

They also provide some training like Customer Success Training and this training has more demand where customers are transforming their remote work with a collaboration tool like medical center, accounting firm, young and transportation, logistics company, etc.

Microsoft is giving training to its thousand of customers so that they can work productively; they are also helping the school system, small business people, etc.

Microsoft Teams is getting increased day by day, where Microsoft has shut down its office from 16th March.

The work from the home environment was a logistical challenge where many business is getting profit, mainly online stores.

This global disruption has become a broader platform where the mission has to reduce crisis.  They are also getting the energetic, excited folks with excellent expertise where an organization can work remotely and transform quickly.

The store associates of Microsoft are also helping the school districts to teach everything remotely in Microsoft 365 and doing some coding workshops for kids.

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